Skip the Bookstore. A better way to... textbooks.

Save Money

Textbooks are crazy expensive. Get your books for a fraction of the bookstore price. Filter listings that fit within your budget and bargain with sellers.

Make Money

Textbook buyback season is limited and a rip-off. Examine the condition of your book and set a price that you think is appropriate.


Buyers and Sellers can communicate through instant messaging and, if you allow us to, we will send those messages directly to your phone or email so you are in the know.

We Search for You

No local results? We'll search the most popular sites for the best deal. We'll show you these results even when there are local results to ensure you get the best deal possible.


Setting up a location and time to meet can be a pain. No worries...We'll do it for you! Look out for the truck icon on listings. When this icon is present, we will pickup the book from the seller and deliver it straight to your door.

Location Based

GMU is a commuter school. Students live all over the DMV area and have different schedules, which can make it difficult to meet on campus. We give you the general location of a seller to make sure you don't have to travel far.